1996! UA Boeing 747 lands at Hamburg (Photos)

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av8nut 2 points

Airline liveries sure have improved over the years, haven't they?

jlink 1 point

I always thought that one looked good in the '80s, but yeah, it's dated and I'm kinda glad it's gone.

As a kid, I thought the 3D "U" looked like a "W" and was confused as to the meaning. Despite being created by the famous designer Saul Bass, whose work I normally love, the "tulip" never quite worked for me.

will9372 0 points

I've never particularly liked any of UA's liveries, maybe because they can never seem to find a livery and stick with it. I really dislike United taking over Continental's old scheme because I still think Continental when I see a United plane.

will9372 0 points

They sure have