Parallel Takeoffs (General)

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Is there a way to have a parallel take off without having a violation?

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Not that I'm aware of

JME7140 0 points

Maybe try setting the planes at different headings that have them flying away before sending them to their vector point.


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I've been trying to find a solution but there isn't one. Separation issues happen no matter the heading vectors given on all parallel ops.

jlink 1 point

Will work on it.

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in reality it only works if there is enough of a spacing between the runways to do so, like BOS, you can do a parallel operation there, but the spacing isn't far enough apart for them to run 4R and 4L exactly together for example. So even if this could be instituted, it would have to be selective based on the specific airport to be realistic. Landing too, for example, I am pretty sure you could land parallel with 36R and 35R at MCO, but you couldn't do it with 10R, 10L at SFO, yes you can have them coming in together, but unless i am completely wrong, i think the landings are still somewhat staggered.