PANC traffic update request and question (General)

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If you are not too busy, I am requesting an update of traffic at Anchorage. Also, I was wondering how you go about doing traffic updates, is there a database or do you just do it yourself? Thanks!

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Ok, lemme get back to you in a day or two.

Regarding HOW, I used to fly to every airport in the world and write down what I saw out the window. But that bankrupted me, so after I got out of debtor's prison I created several spider-like robots to climb the fence and photograph everything. But eventually I was caught and went back to prison, serving multiple sentences in the US, UK, Canada, Sweden, and Thailand. After that I switched to drones, but got in trouble for airspace violations and went back to prison yet again. I'm actually writing this to you from prison now.

(Actually, I made all of that up.)

I have a few different methods, none of which are perfect. Ultimately, I may start paying FlightStats for bulk data, or something like that.

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That's funny.

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Anchorage traffic has been updated. Thanks for your patience.

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Thank you!