Busy Flights: Simple browser game (just a demo; what do you think?) (busyflights.com)

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Maverick51 2 points

It does feel like a Game Boy. Cool. I found two boxes but the game ended without doing anything else. I guess I lose!

jlink 1 point

Thanks for testing! It's just a demo at this point; just wanted to see if anyone likes the concept.

I'm open to ideas on goals and how to get points. Maybe just parking planes at the appropriate gate and taxiing to the active runway, which changes? Maybe avoiding other traffic?

jlink 1 point

Here's the start of a simple browser game.

Do you like it? Should I continue?

jlink 0 points

It's supposed to "feel" like a Nintendo Game Boy game, or something of that nature.

av8nut 1 point

I like that you seem to have some sort of interest in Ground Control, regardless of how "nintendo" it may appear. As you know, I've been begging for a Ground Control for years. It definitely seems like a work in progress. If I were you, considering the crowd of simmers on ATC-SIM, you should replicate a realistic airfield and provide tasks/goals like taxiing to the active runway (departures) or to a gate (arrivals), and also clearing to land and takeoff. If you wanted to start with a simple one runway setup with minimal taxiways, you could do that just until you got enough feedback to see what sort of tweaks you might want to do later to improve upon. Then add harder, more complex airports later progressively. As to the actual play, I would like for it to have actual taxiway and runway identifiers, with typed commands, similar to ATC-SIM. However, I don't know what sort of multi-platform purpose you are looking at for this.