Ohare 22L Heavy jet departures (General)

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With all the expertise on this forum, please correct me if I state something incorrectly, but after years of watching traffic arrive and depart Ohare, I've never seen a "heavy" depart 22L At Ohare. I lived near there up until 2009 and the largest jet I've seen depart 22L was a 757. I this is not correct please disregard, but if its true, can we adjust the sim? I have Qantas 747 calling for take off on 22L....just doesnt seem right.

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I'm pretty sure I've heard (via liveatc) heavies depart 22L during adverse weather (strong winds from the south or storms directly west of the field), but I think it is quite rare under normal conditions.

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It's rare but it does happen, normally on ferry flights only (less gross takeoff weight), most of the time heavies are going off 10L-28R full length.