How to write a Cover Letter (ATC-SIM)

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A cover letter often gets overlooked when applying for a job. However, according to specialists from resumethatworks an effective cover letter will enhance your image as a candidate and improve your chances of bagging a good job.

A cover letter gives a brief introduction of the candidate to a prospective recruiter. It talks about the probable job position, the reason for applying, an overview of one's work experience (if applying in the same field), skills/qualities and educational qualifications. It should have the capability to convince the recruiter about the potential of the candidate for the position.

The cover letter must be viewed as a professional piece of document with no room for mistakes. The language should be of an expert, communicating your passion for the desired job. It is important to study about the company so that the cover letter can be customized accordingly. The letter should be devoid of empty phrases and strong enough to hold the recruiter's attention.

The letter should outline your personality and career ambitions. It should project your positive traits and your value as a person. Employers prefer personal and thoughtfully written cover letters which bring out the character of a person.

The cover letter should begin with the contact details of the candidate and the date. The name of the employer and his/her position comes next followed by the name and address of the company. It is highly important to refer to the appropriate person properly; in case of any confusion, find out who the right person, their correct name and designation, before posting the letter. After the necessary salutations, the first paragraph must have the position applied for, where you learnt about the job opening and why you are applying.

The second paragraph conveys a brief outline of your work responsibilities and your particular accomplishments which give you an edge over others. It’s better to talk about your efficiency in certain work areas that may prove you to be fit for the applied position. Citing experiences related to projects/internships can be helpful at entry and junior levels. The section should commence with an impressive line and deliver all facts to support the main aim of getting the job. You may also include specific details about some special certifications or trainings that add value to your profile and satisfy requirements for the job.

Add a third paragraph to talk about your work life aspirations and how they relate to the business ambitions of the company. It is a great idea to let the employer know that you are already thinking about the company and have assessed yourself while keeping the job requirements in mind. This also projects your confidence and ability to initiate.

The last paragraph should ask for an interview or any sort of communication otherwise. It should also thank the recruiter for the time spared in reading the document.

In brief, a cover letter should appear competitive and courteous. It should convey your personality, attributes, enthusiasm and communication skills. Be sure to make the employers hit the 'Reply' button.

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