Problem with lateral separation of incoming flights on the edge of screen (ATC-SIM)

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Hi, although I am a quite long time on ATC SIM, I am still a little annoyed from time to time when following situation occures: new incoming flight appears at the edge of screen on e.g. 6000ft, so I direct it to airport and give it clearance to 2000ft (example). Five seconds away another incoming flight appears on the edge on 5000ft and no enough lateral separation to first flight. During few seconds, without chance to do anything againts, I receive separation conflict.

Is there any chance simulator will not prepare such "traps" for us in future?


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Besides this, there is another problem with incoming traffic: sometimes there are two planes entering area in close proximity to each other, within minimum vertical separation, which you can not even see on screen but only in the list. Nothing you can do about it, planes climbing/descending so slow that you will surely get huge violations...

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Two things you have to do to avoid violations. Do not change altitude or speed of aircraft until they're sufficiently far enough away from the edge of the screen.

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Part of the problem is you don't get any visual warning before hand of other aircraft coming on to the screen. Normally you'd have visibility beyond your control area and get at least 1 minute before area control hands off. The screen cuts off on some terminals at the north and south too close to your control area and without visibility beyond that it's a like playing with a loaded gun.

I've had some scary moments on Rome on 16 active and sequencing arrivals around to the north only to have a few pop in the the top edge without warning. As I quickly vector them to a position for sequencing another will pop in really close and I can't see what level it is for a bit, so it gets really frantic to avoid collisions.

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This is a long term issue for many years. Two A/C being handed off from CTR at same alt within 3 miles. Instant violation. I've tried the "don't touch until they separate" plan, but eventually it violates before adequate separation occurs. This would never be allowed from ctr to TRACON or vice-versa under IFR rules anywhere. Occurred recently many times at LAX and fairly often at SEA, ATL and ORD. No crisis, but disappointing when you've been zero violation for over an hour and then "boom" yer done! Thanks for hangin in there Jay. Lot's of long, hard work and I'm still pretty addicted.