Chained commands are now available. (ATC-SIM)

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Chained commands are now available.

For example: ual383 c 19 c acito t

Please let me know if you see any problems.

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federbear 0 points


I have begun to use the chain in Atlanta.

Command c 2 c emjaa c hedeg c panol: The displayed text is:DAL924: Descend and maintain 2000 feet. Vector to EMJAA. Vector to HEDEG. Vector to PANOL.

It looks like the plane follows the last command that was c PANOL


jlink 0 points

Ok, right. You can only do one directional clearance at a time.

What you are thinking of is more of a flight plan, which is not yet in place.

federbear 0 points

Ok, Then I'm testing it without route chain.

federbear 0 points

Next question: What is the expected behaviour at landings. I have used the C 2 L combination and the plane got clearence for landing. It was on the right direction and hight. When I used the C 270 C 3 L combination, the plane was flying heading 0 on flightlevel 4 and the app displayed this: DAL1421: Fly heading 270°. Descend and maintain 3000 feet. (Invalid command)

It looks like to me the app will execute all commands in the chain immediately. Is it true?

jlink 0 points

Yes, immediately. The command chain is not the same as a flight plan.

Maverick51 0 points

Works good for me in KATL with lots of traffic. When will the flight plan chain be ready? This is great stuff, j! Thanks!

bryanhomey 0 points

Thanks for the chained commands Jay! They are very helpful when clearing traffic to take off.

lamb 0 points

Thank you for chained commands, working like a charm!

teamfour 0 points

A chained command I would find very useful would be: c HON h 290; i.e. cleared to HON, fly heading 290 after HON.

traconau 0 points

I'm liking the chained commands so far. Yes, it would be nice to be able to specify more than 1 way point. Additionally I'd like to see a couple of things:

  1. new command for departing aircraft: RN for resume navigation - this instructs the aircraft to resume track to its outbound fix. Gets to be a headache having to tell a vectored plane to go to its planned departure fix every time. Could be added at the end of a chained command e.g. flightID c 9 c VOR c RN (must be a fix not heading else it would never RN!)

  2. Issuing flightID T assumes it has an automatic clearance to departure fix and climb to planned altitude. This would save a lot of unnecessary commands.