Improper exits (ATC-SIM)

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When a departure goes to the fix he is assigned and passes it below the required 4000' AGL, the aircraft then shows a heading (the same heading he passed his assigned fix) and, if not given a clearence bact to this fix, he continues on to the edge of the screen. Is that the reason I'm getting improper exits? If I'm not real busy, once I notice the airplane's directional heading, instead of his assigned fix, I send him BACK to the assigned fix, but sometime I'm too busy to re-send him back to his assigned fix. What has happened here? It used to be if the airplane passed the fix below 4000', he would circle back on his own to his assigned fix to be handed off to center once he has entered their airspace. You must be aware of this change, but I can't see how this improves the game. On the contrary, it hinders the traffic flow. Roy

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Try to set a lower speed for planes heading to close exit points, right after take off. That will ensure enough time to climb to minimum exit altitude.

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And how about those directed to a fix? They used to remain there but now they pass by and if we don’t notice it they will exit improperly.