Handoffs at same alt too close BOS (ATC-SIM)

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I've had this happen at a couple of airports but here is a an image capture of it happening at BOS Logan. The handoffs are at the same altitude and too-close to do anything other than wait for the violation. I've learned to allow the aircraft to get far enough into your control area before making any changes in altitude.

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I just made a post about this too! Incredibly frustrating after getting such a high number of landings and takeoffs without any violations.

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Was just thinking the same thing a few days ago. Had progressed to a hundred landing/hand offs at EGLL and was then put into unavoidable confliction with a handover. Having been an ATCO for 20 years, this is totally unrealistic. You would never receive handovers which are in confliction with an aircraft you have just taken over and close to the edge of your radar cover. Handovers are ALWAYS deconflicted prior to handover.

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In the real world, these handovers are been given to you by another controller. That person would be quickly out of a job or in jail if they were deliberately flying jets to within 3 miles or 1000 feet of other aircraft. Just doesnt happen without major poo hitting the fan.....