ipad + keypad app + vnc server = fun (ATC-SIM)

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I just wanted to share my first attempt using an iPad configured for KSAN using the iPad Keypad app and tightvnc app on my pc to receive commands from the ipad. Saves some clicks/typing and keeps it fun. I setup Wait to both wait + set altitude to 3,000'. Takeoff adds cleared to 5,000'. Round buttons are waypoints and the large 8-waty directional pad is just for compass directions (0, 45, 90, 135, etc.).

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Interesting, thanks for sharing. How do you select the plane you want to command?

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Unfortunately, I still have to click the plane once. After that I copy it to the clipboard and paste it for subsqeuent ommands. I'd really like to somehow manage the order by arrival and departure like the game does.

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I see ... it would be great if you could control all of the sim just using one input medium: your pad.