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Hi Jay, Before I make any requests, I just want to say thank you for all of the work you have done on this simulator, especially as of recently. All of the updates have been awesome, making a great game extraordinary. Thanks a million. Now, about the flow rate. I have to disagree with the last comment about the aforementioned subject. Although the traffic was pretty heavy, I saw no airport that had "unrealistic" traffic, especially if the game was intending to imitate a rush hour. Some of the airports I played like KMSP, KORD, KJFK, KMIA, and KIAH, all definitely had increased traffic, but none to the point of unreasonable excess. In fact, I really enjoyed the traffic boost. It adds a new dimension to the game and whether unintentional, or intentional, it required the player to constantly be thinking, not only about the traffic that was already on the screen, but also what to do if an aircraft came in at a specific point. Obviously, this is what Air Traffic Control is all about, thinking all the time, and being 5 steps ahead of everything that happens, that is the goal. Now although I think the traffic was not unreasonable, I think that there definitely should be an adjustable traffic rate. This would make the game personable to a whole new group of people, because as of right now, "pros" might get a little tired of waiting for traffic, while last week, people new to the simulator would have definitely had trouble keeping up with the traffic at the bigger airports. I know that if you were able to add the different levels, you might have to adjust the scoring system, and that might be a nightmare, and I do not have a possible solution for that. For right now however, could you bump the traffic back to where it was, it was a whole lot more interesting, especially at the big airports, where right now, the traffic definitely seems light. Thank you so much.

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I understand your point. However, just because your at a big airport does not mean you will have moderate traffic all the time, well any airport for that matter, but there will be times even at big airports when the traffic flow is light because it is about the time when there is the least amount of traffic. Any heavy traffic is either an arrival bash or a departure bash. Besides, your idea for an adjustable traffic rate, I do not know what to say of it, but there are airports on here with generally low traffic rates that could help new players get accustomed to the game. I'm not saying your idea is bad, but I don't I think it would fit the simulator feel. Just saying.