★ Your favorite airport for $100 ★ (ATC-SIM)

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As always, I will add your favorite airport to ATC-SIM for $100, and in most cases will do it within 48 hours.

Please write to help@atc-sim.com or leave a comment here and I will confirm that I have the resources to build your airport in a timely manner.

I know some of you, particularly the younger ones, think I'm rich and make a lot of money doing this, but I'm not and I don't. So this is a way that you can get an obscure airport into the game and help me as well.

Feel free to coordinate with others in the forum if you want to split the development amount.

Regarding 2.0, I am nearly complete with adding the photo drop-downs to the progress strips. I've come to really like this feature; I hope you do as well.

And, I actually have programming to support chained commands and changing the departure runway, so I'll roll that out as well.

Next, we are working on restricted airspace, for example at KDCA.

And, back to new airports, I will probably go ahead and add Copenhagen, since several people have asked about it and it's an SAS hub.

Kind regards,

Jay Link

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Nachtfalter 1 point

So, anyone want to team up for EDDT/TXL?