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I typically play ATC an hour or so after work a few times per week. It seems to me the traffic flow rate has recently decreased, making the workload to easy (less fun). Is it possible for the player to adjust the flow rate? If not, please increase the flow rate to its previous, or higher, rate.

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Any particular airport(s) this is happening at?

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ORD is definitely one.

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I would agree on ORD

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Ok, how about now?

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much improved. IT will surely keep you hopping! Thanks Jay!

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I played SAN recently for the first time, and as the busiest single runway (at least in the USA) I thought it was fairly slow, too.

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I've had the opposite experience this week playing ATL and LAX. Traffic rates start normally but increase to the point of being unplayable.

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Ok, will work on making it a more even mix.