Why isn't it free??????? (ATC-SIM)

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You are unbelievalble pricy, try ads, have t-shirts, do something, even just have it as a 3 dollers!!

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jlink 2 points

"Unbelievalble pricy" as compared to what? Have you never bought a game in a store? They are often $70.

I have to pay for the server, and my helpers, and it's nice to get a few bucks for groceries and gas.

Sounds like you're 14 - 18 years old. Maybe ask mom & dad to help you out?

imaboss3112 1 point

Nobody works for free. He works day and night to provide for this simulator, and you complain about $20? Ask to cut the lawn, ask for it for your birthday. :D You DON'T have to buy anything, you get plenty of gameplay for free :)