High scores (ATC-SIM)

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I see people with 200+ landings and or departures, how is this possible? Is it all in one sitting for hours or several days where the game is on pause? I tried searching this question but was not able to find anything. Thanks!

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WethereX 1 point

some are legit, but it is widely known that there are ways to cheat the score system with impossible scores.

Maverick51 1 point

My score of 800/800 from last month was using the pause scenario you described over a period of three weeks. I can play 10-15 minutes a day usually.

TheIrish822 0 points

And to think the real ATC's do this 2 hours at a time, a short break then another 2 hours and a break... rinse and repeat to fill and 8 hr day.