2.0 (ATC-SIM)

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So is it dead?

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Hotshot 1 point

An update on the current situation would be nice, as I donated. If it IS DEAD, it´s ok. If Jaylink can´t find the time or has lost interest, fair enough. I knowm we have no right on any kind of Information, just plain curious.

theredbaron 1 point

looks like it. chained commands on the greasemonkey script are broken again as well...

ce2121 1 point

Hey redbaron, I posted a temporary fix awhile ago to the GM script:

Change line 397 from:

if((unsafeWindow.G_objPlanes[ID][7] == 0) && (fnMyDistance(ID, unsafeWindow.G_objPlanes[ID][12]) < 15))


if((unsafeWindow.G_objPlanes[ID][7] == 0) && unsafeWindow.G_objPlanes[ID][11] === null)

It was broken because now, when a plane crosses a fix, the 'cleared to' fix is set to NULL. Jay's code does this more than 15 units of distance away from a fix, so the Helper script never gets a chance to catch it and send the plane on it's way to the next fix in the route. This code change looks for planes that have a route and have recently passed a fix and have had their 'cleared to' fix set to NULL. :)

theredbaron 0 points

I have that code in somehow, but it still doesn't work. No chained commands and no routes. Maybe its something with Chrome or GreaseMonkey.

ce2121 0 points

Weird! It is a bummer that it broke; I got mine to work by tinkering with it for awhile, but I'm lucky enough to have JS experience.

TomiJ96 0 points

It is possible to get access to 2.0 if i've donated 20$ in the past? I used to beta test a few games in the past :P