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Its funny how much you pay for the pretty nice game, and still being rejected by promise people in the Forum to make a one more Scandinavian Airport (Copenhagen (CPH) EKCH)Addon. Or you have to pay more then it will come up.. How Ignorant can people be only thinking about Money.. Insteed be kind a say, sorry but I dont have the time, and be a Little more helpfull with Infomation!

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imaboss3112 1 point

Jay is busy at work. He tries to answer comments, but he is busy coding! Don't worry, I am sure he has seen it.

jlink 1 point

I know, right? Thanks.

And I never once told this guy that if he pays $20 I'll add an airport for him, or on any schedule.

imaboss3112 0 points

I got your back Jay :)!

imaboss3112 0 points

Oh and replying to the original comment on money. One man (Jay) has to Hire coders to work for him. They won't work for free now. Jay also has to pay his bills and food somehow :/ Just food for thought.

northland 0 points

Still one of the best times for the far and few $10-$20 donated!

catiii 0 points

I do believe he is referring to a suggestion made previously when surveys were taking place that by paying a certain amount (much more than 20 bucks) that would guarantee a certain airport would get done.

Falle -1 points

Okay I´m sorry about that Jay :/ you said it could be but was you're busy yes.. so I thought you will come with some info and tell me about it when it should be ready.. so I mixed it up. Sorry bro