KATL Traffic Update (ATC-SIM)

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Hey everyone,

I've made a Greasemonkey script that updates the traffic at KATL. Mainly replaces TRS with SWA, but all traffic comes from a week's worth of FlightAware data that I've scrubbed and formatted for ATC-SIM.

Click on the link to install the Greasemonkey script: https://gist.github.com/anonymous/f0d8d85a6ecc2e9a4225e8e8ea9d1f8f/raw/fb212ff3aa35aeb9a216931b6d72a771727a63c0/KATL_Traffic_Pack_April_2016.user.js

If anyone else wants to have me do one for your favorite airport, let me know!

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Alex Thomas 0 points

Great, but is it compatible with Chrome?

ce2121 0 points

It should work with Tampermonkey, but I haven't tested it.

will9372 0 points

Is a KORD script possible?

samueljegrant 0 points

Can you do KDFW? That would be great!

jlink 0 points

Thanks so much for doing this. I went ahead and redid the base KATL traffic to alleviate the Chrome concern, but do keep this going for fast future updates!