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In the absence of the chaining command update is it possible to restore the old code that allowed for the Grease Monkey script to function? I've been unable to play the game since the code change caused the script to go inop.


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BLUNOSE 0 points

That's odd. The game runs fine in Chrome.

theredbaron 0 points

The script functions? It doesn't on my end... Mainly chain commands with regards to routing. The aircraft just fly to the fix and then depart on that same heading, they do not proceed to the next fix.

av8nut 0 points

Maybe he's working on incorporating the chain commands into the default sim, so you won't have to have the grease monkey script. I just wish we knew when/if that was going to happen....

jlink 1 point

Yes, that's the plan, and "he" is hopeful for this week, still.