Runway sepparation not working (ATC-SIM)

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OK, so I was playing ATL and have 2 aircraft departing from the paralel runways. One from the northern 26L and second from southern 28. How can please these aircraft be in conflict? These runways are 3000m appart, so that should be way more than sufficient for paralel operations. Even 26r and 27l should be sufficient for paralel operations. How comes I get a conflict then for a paralel 26L and 28 departure? Care to explain?

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jlink 3 points

Yes, I would care to explain: it's on deck for ATC-SIM 2.0 . :-)

Indeed, it's currently annoying.

Alex Thomas 2 points

Since ATL has come up... Would it be possible to get a traffic update there? It still has Airtrans and even Northwest in the airline repertoire.