2.0 progress? (ATC-SIM)

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Not to rush you or get on your nerves, I know quality takes time, but is there any knew news on ATC-SIM 2.0?

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jlink 2 points

Thanks for writing. Yes, it's February 1. :-)

I'm working on a redo of the screen area to allow resizing and to eliminate the bug where things get scrunched up in the left sometimes. Then, the next new feature will be to allow people to change departure runways. Then, probably chained commands, which already work in a few demos.

I had hoped to be saying all of this a week ago, but yes, it's definitely in progress.

jlink 0 points

Actually, I feel ashamed about this, and will do everything I can to get the chained commands in place in the next 24 hours, since that's what everyone wants.

imaboss3112 0 points

Thank you! Make sure it is ready, no need to be ashamed!

jlink 0 points

Well, I fixed a bug regarding aircraft circling waypoints and navaids after passing them; and improved Chicago O'Hare departures when the wind is from the NW or SE; and updated traffic in Anchorage.

But I'm going to need yet another 24 hours on the command chaining. Thanks for your patience.

imaboss3112 0 points

Not a problem! Really appreciate all you do :)

Murillo Coutinho 0 points

Thank you for the improvements! I'm looking forward to seeing what's coming next, but no need to rush! Take your time and do the best you can!

pfullerton 1 point

Yes Don't be ashamed. Thanks for all your work on this.

jlink 0 points

I just have a history of coding delays. Thus the shame.

pfullerton 2 points

I'm a dev also. The only project that is delivered on time is a incomplete one!