KMEM Traffic Update (ATC-SIM)

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Hey Jay, I know you are busy, but KMEM really needs a new traffic update :)

Also, runway 27-9 is bent/ cut in two parts... Anyway to fix that?

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jlink 2 points

Sure, I can get to it in a day or two.

Regarding the choppy runways at some airports, it has to do with line drawing and blending.

I hereby declare that smooth runways will be the first feature of ATC-SIM 2.0!

imaboss31 0 points

Wow! Awesome, good to know! Thank You :)

jlink 0 points

I see that KMEM needs a lot of help. It will likely take me two days to complete, but the runway smoothing and overlay upgrades are in place. I'm working on the traffic update now, and we should have some new exit points tomorrow.

imaboss31 0 points

Awesome! I noticed traffic from like 7+ years so :)

Good Luck!