Another new request - will they never leave me alone? (ATC-SIM)

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I appreciate all the updates you're doing Jay, and I'm sure you've a long list to consider and work through, but I'd like to add one more to the end of your list. I'm really hoping for my home airport to make the list - CYHZ Halifax Stanfield Intl.

It's a diversion airport for transatlantic flights as well as where Air Canada likes to writeoff their a/c in "hard landings"

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+1 for funny title!

So the usual deal on new airports is $100 for fast service. Otherwise, my top priority this month is ATC-SIM 2.0, or at least the start of it, which would likely mean February at the earliest for new airport requests (for free).

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well that's $150 in Canadian Tire money, and as I said I just want to suggest it for the list, even if I have to wait a couple of years. ;)

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