EGKK traffic update? (ATC-SIM)

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Hi Jay,

Thanks for your continued excellent support of this great sim.

The traffic data for Gatwick is about 7+ years old I think, with several now-defunct airlines showing up. Also easyJet flights are all coded 'EZS' (the designator for easyJet Switzerland) as opposed to 'EZY'.

An update for this airport would be much appreciated! Thanks.

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If it helps I can send a list of the actual aircraft movements at London Gatwick for a week period in December (e.g. 14th-20th), including business jet and light aircraft movements. Happy to supply the data if it helps you, in whatever format you prefer. Regards and Happy New Year.

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To the developer: do you find it useful if we send you updated airport & FIR-data, and if yes, in which format? I currently work at a, lets say, less popular but nonetheless atc-sim-featured airport, could update you with all possible data&procedures if it would help.