Higher Initial alitudes (ATC-SIM)

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The aircraft coming in are at 8000ft max although usually when with approach they are around FL150-FL110, please higher the initial inbound altitude.

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Maverick51 1 point

Yes, my only complaint are the aircraft that arrive at the same altitude at the same time with no chance to recover from the error.

BLUNOSE 0 points

That's when you take your Centre controller out for a chat behind the woodshed.

av8nut 0 points

I agree, to some extent. Depending on the arrival point on the screen, in real life the altitude may be pretty accurate. Whereas, in some cases it may be quite lower. Or, depending on your personal "STAR" route, you may find yourself expediting your decent to get down fast. Jay (the developer) can't begin to read everybody's minds as to the likely altitudes of every given airport arrival point. I'm just glad that when two planes arrive in the same point within a short amount of time, the majority of the times they are not at the same altitude. Not always though.