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In the real life atc gives holding instructions and I was hoping you would be able to imput that option to a new command to use in the game.

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av8nut 1 point

That would be really cool. I know when I do "arrivals only", sometimes I have to have airplanes hold at a particular fix before I can weave them into the traffic flow. Of course, now they do circles randomly around that holding fix, which can look a little chaotic at times. To issue realistic holding instructions would involve clearance to a fix, a radial/heading, time or length of legs, and left or right turns. I'm going out on a limb but it could be something strung out like: "AAL001 CH DPK 260 L", wherein the clearance would be "American 001 cleared to hold at Deer Park VOR, with 260 degree radial. Left turns." The holding length could be pre-programmed for a set default length of leg radial, say 3 miles perhaps. Just my 2 cents.

Fox 1 point

Hello, I want to introduce also new ideas. Also in real life atc the controler gives an a/c the clearance to a point, let's say VOR DPK at New York. But due to high traffic I want to let the pilots fly first via "Zachs". Now my idea/question:

Is it possible to create a command that makes it possible to let a a/c navigate to several points, add the speed and t/o clearance? For example:

FlightID C "DPK" via (v) "Zachs" "Shipp" C 15 S 250 T

and for in-flight command:

FlightID C 3 X S 180 C "Rosly"

Thus I don't have to click 3 times on the same flight ID. It saves time and is also more realistic in my opinion.

Thank you for reading.