Movements per hour (ATC-SIM)

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I would like the challenge of having more movements per rwy per hour. Im guessing the game is programmed to randomly give out a certain number of aircraft per hour, and it seems like its based on availiable rwys. How about a possibiliy to select movements per hour before starting the simulation, so that you could try to play a very hectic single rwy airport for instance.

Also, sometimes two arriving aircraft enter the screen very close and at the same altitude. Perhaps this could easily be fixed.

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I agree. Some of the major airports I do on here, like JFK for instance, does not have near the amount of traffic as it does in real life. In real life, during a big departure push in the evening, there may be 10, 20 or even 30 or more queued up to go. But on here, it's just not there, at least for the major airports like ATL, JFK and ORD.