"Mysterious" violation seconds? (ATC-SIM)

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Just throwing out a question to all,

Lately, I have been playing a lot more (mostly JFK), and as I normally do during the SIM, I check my "stats". Not to toot my own horn, but typically, I strive to have no violation seconds (as we all do) during my progress. However lately, during my SIM session, every so often as I check "stats", I will notice 1 second show up, when no red was indicated on a plane, and was careful about my separation tolerances. Then, 20-30 minutes later, I check my stats again, it shows 2 seconds. And so on, and so on....

Has this ever happened to anyone else - unidentifiable violation seconds? Just curious.

I didn't know if there were other limitation/separation factors in the programming either.


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tpared 2 points

Yep, it has happened to me on several occasions at different airports

jlink 1 point

Yes, it's a legitimate problem. It has to do with the old style arrival path programming & the various screen resolutions. If these bad things "line up" all together, like the "Swiss cheese" explanation of crashes, then arrivals will cut across the corner and the player will be unfairly"dinged".

New & revised airports don't have the problem.

Several new landscape overlays were added over the weekend, including Incheon this morning, and the arrival path revisions are ongoing as well.


av8nut 1 point

Thanks, Jay. It's good to hear you're doing some work on ATC-SIM.

bruno 1 point

Hey Jay,

Great work on the various recent changes on the landscapes overlays.

One question/user feedback nonetheless: i'm playing quite a long with VHHH (Hong Kong), which benefited from an overlay - however, it still seems to suffer from "phantom" improper exits, especially from the south entry points. Is this something you're experiencing as well, or would that be just me?


jlink 1 point

It's not just you. I'll have a look.

jaymontel 1 point

I play DFW, although I haven't played in several months. Just started playing again. I still have planes enter at odd headings and basically right on top of each other, resulting in violations. There is virtually nothing you can do to avoid it.

I have posted this previously, and I know it is a sim, but real Approach controllers know where planes are entering their airspace and at what altitudes. Can't the sim be programmed at least to have planes enter more than 3 miles apart and at least 1000 feet separated?

For example, south flow. Plane enters the NE area of the screen at 8000. You have to descend it right now. As soon as you do, another plane enters ahead of it at 6 or 7000 feet, there is the violation. And, planes simply never enter DFW's airspace from due north or south. Can you please address these issues at DFW? I have donated multiple times with zero response. If i was freeloading, I wouldn't say anything. DFW is only one of the busiest airports in the world, but I see you giving more attention elsewhere. Thank you.

jlink 1 point

Roger. Got it.

jaymontel 1 point

Thank you. Not trying to be a pain. :)

jlink 1 point

I have a plan. Every remaining airport that hasn't had arrival path updates will get fake paths that definitely don't cut across corners. This will fix it until I can code all the real paths.

jaymontel 1 point

Thank you.

jlink 1 point

Let me know if DFW is behaving for you now. If so, I'll apply the same change to all the older airports that don't have STAR paths.



jlink 1 point

Airports with ICAO codes A - RC now have the safe arrival paths, if they didn't get the STAR treatment.

Let me know if you have any trouble. I hope to have RJ - Z done in the next 48 hours.