is this worth the $20.00 (ATC-SIM)

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I have been playing now for a good few months and can handle the free bigger airports with minor violations and the like (such as O'hare) is their any point in purchasing as the game doesnt change just the airports ?

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Alex Thomas 2 points

Yeah, of course!

I will use the example plane as N172SP.

For takeoffs - start with the plane ID (n172sp) then clear it (c) to a

departure altitude (9); N172SP is cleared to 9000 feet.

  • This would look like n172sp c 9.

Then you would want to say plane ID (n172sp) cleared to (c) the waypoint

(REEFS), which will appear in the sidebar with the plane; N172SP is cleared to waypoint REEFS.

  • This would look like n172sp c reefs

Finally, you would say either to line up and wait (w) or take off (t);

  • This would look like n172sp w or n172sp t

For landings - once the plane appears on the radar, clear it to one or

two thousand feet.

  • This would look like n172sp c 1 or n172sp c 2

Next, line your plane up on the heading of the runway that you want to land

on. Let's say you want to land on runway 17. Just add a 0 to the end of the

runway number to get a good heading (although this doesn't work every

time). Make sure you are lined up relatively centered on the runway for

your approach.

  • This would look like n172sp c 170

Finally, once you are below 3000 feet above ground level, clear the plane

to land. You can find the airport's elevation on the bottom right hand

corner of the screen. This command is formatted (Plane ID) (l) (Runway #)

  • This would look like n172sp l 17

I hope this helps!

Yos233 1 point

That is true, the $20 is mostly for more airports. Included with that is Atlanta, Heathrow, Beijing, and Los Angeles, some more of the world's busiest airports. However, purchasing a membership also gives you access to enter the high scores tables.

If you enjoy the game as much as many of us here do, it is worthwhile.

Old Forum 1 point

Hi I know this is not related to the topic.

I am new to this and would like to understand a bit more how to play the sim. I have watched the video tutorial - however I am unsure how they know what commands to give. I have printed the list of examples.

Would you be able to help me with this please?