Traffic Updates - Really? (ATC-SIM)

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Not to be critical of people's request for realism, but I find it quite odd why I seem to find so many requests for traffic updates to a particular airport as a cause for concern on this sim. In all honesty, when I'm playing, I could care less if I happen to see a Northwest airline at Minneapolis or a Continental at Newark. But even beyond that, some even seem to note the aircraft types being outdated. All I can say is - Wow, bravo. I don't have my airport flights down like that.

In my opinion, I would rather Jay focus more on other features of the Sim (as we have been perhaps a little too outspoken on at times), as opposed to these things. If anything, I think the "outdated" traffic adds a little vintage or classic feel to the realism of the history of the airport traffic.

Feel free to bash my opinion if you want.

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isii 1 point

Kudos, av8. Maybe we should bring back PSA, Piedmont, Allegheny, TWA, Pan Am to the SIM. I agree wholeheartedly, as a close friend of mine would say "focus on the donut, not the hole". This SIM is fabulous, we've all asked for specific updates which Jay is diligently working on, but remember he has a full time job as well. Who cares if it's a "Continental" flight that shows up.. Actually, I was on a United flight a couple of months back, and when we landed, the flight attendant said "and thanks for flying Continental". You think they have a problem with integration? Jay, keep up the great work!!

cHabu 1 point

I don't quite see a 'cause for concern" if people ask for an update in the traffic.

I also don't uderstand why this would be such a big deal.

It doesn't hurt to ask. You can either get a 'yes' or a 'no' as answer ;)

And as for PSA, TWA and PAN Am....

If that's a valid request, why not ?