New airports (ATC-SIM)

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Hi Jay,

Are you taking requests for new airports?

Out of interest, how long does it take you to create a new airport?

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jlink 0 points

In general, yes, but I'm falling behind. Can you please check back in a week or two? Thanks!

-- Jay

Skier1 0 points

Not trying to be rude, i understand you have life as everyone else, but i donated 100 dollars...at least 5 months ago, maybe more, with request for Prague airport....still nothing.

jlink 0 points

Whoooops!! Is five months excessive? Haha ... I'll get this one finished pronto!

Please accept my apologies for the lapse.

Skier1 0 points

Actually 6 months :D i did it 6.3. 2017 ;) I'd be very grateful :)

jlink 0 points

Prague will be going live today; you can even try a basic version now. Thank you so much for your supreme patience. I’m sorry I let it slip.

One question: since it’s now Václav Havel Airport Prague, should it be alphabetized in the list as Václav or Prague? It’s not standard to have the name at the end.

Thanks again.