Departure vectors close to the airport (ATC-SIM)

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It's pretty frustrating that aircraft have to be greater than 4000 ft to handoff, yet the vector is too close to the airport to reach that altitude without re-vectoring the aircraft. Often, it's in the flight path of other departures or even some arrivals. Can a change be made to the script to push those further out from the airport? Thanks!

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KRDU has several points too close to airport.

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Were there any airports in particular in which this was happening? Most of the newer ones and revamped ones have exit points at the edges of the screen. Thanks for the note.

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Well, HOU was the one that prompted me to post, but I've seen it on others.

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Ok, will prioritize HOU. Thanks for the heads-up.

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KDFW has several like this, especially when the airport is in a south flow. BASIN is the worst offender as it requires vectors to make it. Even an expedited climb offers no hope. JGIRL, CREEK and DELMO also are problematic. They each require an expedited climb immediately after takeoff or there is NO chance of making it above 4000 in time. Thanks for everything!!!

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What's the suggested fix? Just not using those close vectors at all, or letting them get handed off at a lower altitude?

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Hong-Kong has many waypoints too close to the airport as well.


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These two are the closest points: SMT06, NLG22

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sky harbor in az has a few and SeaTac has one or two also