Some noob questions (ATC-SIM)

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Hey i started a couple of weeks ago, i searched all the forum but i still have some questions:

  • Is there any list with the trafic level of the airports?
  • Does the wind direction frequency of change have any influence on your score? (It's not on the formula)
  • When does the system considers a missed aproach?

Tkx in advance

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JME7140 2 points

1st question: There is no traffic level shown for each airport, but I think there is talk of something to be added for traffic level.

2nd question: No, it just changes the runways used by flights. Just keep a close on the wind and where your flights are taking off from; the landings don't matter which runway they land on.

3rd question: A missed approach occurs when you tell a flight to land to late and the flight can't descend in time to make a proper landing, of course you tell a flight to land until it meets the required flight level to give landing clearance. All of this depends on the altitude of the airport and distance from the runway.

rgadberry 2 points

On the comment; "the landings don't matter which runway they land on" in my experience playing the game, the wind does matter on landings. Too much cross wind will cause missed approaches. I would be careful and mindful of the wind direction.