newbie question re landings (ATC-SIM)

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Hi all - just starting to play with sim and whilst can route traffic to waypoints and get them to 3000ft prior to intersecting runway centreline, I cant get the planes to actually land ie SIA2000 at 3000 ft 'SIA2000 L 16R' - they just continue on current vector, rather than turn to runway as expected. What am I doing wrong ? Dont see a command to slow them down either. Is this possible ?

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the airplane has to be within +/- 60 degrees of the runway centerline. If the planes are past the centerline then they are too late to land and will just keep going. Planes will automatically slow down when cleared to land. Now to slow down a plane on approach, you do the flightid S and the speed. So lets say "DL1234 S 150", and the delta plane will slow down to 150 knts. i suck at explaining so hope this helps.