Parameters for landing behind landing, and landing behind landing. (ATC-SIM)

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I've established that once you clear a plane to land, it doesn't matter how close another plane gets to it.

It also seems that a plane landing behind another plane has no parameter for separation. Is this everyone else's experience?

Finally, I can't seem to pin down the parameter for a plane taking off in front of a landing jet. It seems like if I have a plane already waiting on a runway and the landing plane comes within 1000ft of the field, there is no violation. However, if I have a plane at 1200 feet above the field and I clear a plane that is not on the runway to takeoff, and the landing plane descends within 1000ft of the field a few seconds later, I get a violation.

Can anyone articulate the parameters for separation of a landing plane behind a plane taking off? Does a plane that has already lined up and waited have a different parameter?

Trying to squeeze planes in as close as possible ;)

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The separation is in play for aircraft using the same runway. For example, I use ATL. I can land an airplane on 8L at the same time one takes off from 8R. If they both shared the same runway, this isn't possible. Better yet, I can land three aircraft and have one depart at the same time. When he's at 1000 above the field, the next guy gets the green.

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For Takeoff separation, I wait until the preceding aircraft has departed and has attained a speed of 180kts. That almost always assures separation between departing aircraft.