Tell me about your nightmare :) (ATC-SIM)

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Hi all, let's take this thread as my personal exploration, which of airports here is your "nigtmare". I am sure everybody here has an airport, which spent many time on to do good score.

For me it's definitely Charlotte Douglas Intl. Such inconspicuous "piece of runways" but, Oh God !!, how many time I spent here to do good job !!! :)) Max up to hour I fail either with violation, or improper exit or missed approach :). Once I will reach the podium (and be sure I will !!), I will go get drunk :D

So, please, feel free to tel me, which one is your "nightmare", I am very curious :)


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JME7140 0 points

My "nightmare" is JFK Intl. The heading of the runways is the least of my problems, though they are a challenge, it is when I have a bunch of departures and arrivals. The arrivals come in close intervals and I have to try and to keep them from getting to close to each other. When I think I'm all good, another arrival shows up from different spot and is heading for into their path. All of these arrivals cause delay of departures.

mr_handy 0 points

For some odd reason, I am really struggling with Ottawa right now. Perhaps it is due to my current strategy for trying to add difficulty (100% chance on the wind changing, and only allowed to use current departure runway for all landings)....but darn it....those slow climbing prop planes are giving me a lot of grief!

lumptom 0 points

Yeah ... that's why I am always giving all departures expedite clearence to flight level immediately after takeoff and speed 240 to keep separation. This allows me to accelerate departure timing and aviod delays and full list of "blues".

CTIProf 0 points

My nightmare is from working real traffic (en route): about two dozen aircraft on frequency, all about a minute from the sector boundary (spread all around the perimeter of the sector), no one will accept their hand-offs and no one will answer their land lines! I suppose all controllers have nightmares about work, yes? Goes with the job!