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Hello, Rio de Janeiro Galeao airport is not aligned with it's real location.

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I have added a google maps view (aprox. the same zoom as game) with the red markings of where the runways are located. A zoom into the airport with clear showing of runways location and a in game print screen that show the misalignment (specially 10-28)

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Thanks -- will have a look.

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Thanks, it would be awesome to fix that as the approaches would be more realistic using the vectors :)

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Oh wow. On Google Earth, the runway appears to have an azimuths of 80 and 260, which would make it runway 8-26, but it is clearly labeled 10-28. The other runway looks on point.

In game, it does look to be lined up with the azimuths that are in line with the runway numbering, 100 degrees and 280 degrees.

That is weird, I wonder why they named it that way.

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Nothing wierd: SBGL has a magnetic variation of 021° W. Runway standard is the magnetic direction.